Sharing Meals and A Kingdom View-The History

Over the past year, the Rock Outreach (U.S.) team (Dan Vick, Mark and Margaret Noblin) has stayed at an apartment on the Uganda Christian University campus when we visited Uganda.  During this time we have prayed with, cooked for and ministered to students, leaders of the Honors College, area pastors, recent graduates, the academic staff and administration.  More than any time in ministry we have felt that this atmosphere has fostered lifestyle discipleship getting to the real issues facing our African friends.  We talk about life, relationships, corruption, family, careers and the practical application of what we believe as Christians.  The board of the Rock Outreach has observed this and felt the Lord was opening doors for the Rock to support the UCU students, staff, local NGOs and surrounding pastors in a practical way.  We began praying about the next step and on the April 2013 trip to Uganda many things occurred to confirm this ministry calling to make impactful disciples through this type of environment.

First, during our dinner meeting with former Vice Chancellor Stephen Noll we discussed the idea of a gathering place within walking distance to campus.  It would serve students, staff, NGOs and pastors as a place to gather, use the Internet, have a cup of tea, study, have fellowship and also provide a guest house for visiting teachers or a respite for pastors and their spouses.  Dr. Noll embraced the idea and suggested we talk to Archbishop Livingston Nykyoyo who was the visionary for starting UCU and Mrs. Ankra who also owned land with her husband nearby.  Mrs. Ankra didn’t have land for sale but encouraged us and said she would love to have us as neighbors.  Dr. Noll also suggested we discuss the plans with architect Mike Reid who is a UCU staff member and missionary. (He designed the UCU library on campus and worked in the past for an Atlanta architectural firm.)
Archbishop Nykyoyo owns much of the land near the university and prayer mountain.  Upon meeting Archbishop Livingston as Dr. Noll suggested, he agreed with the vision and spent the afternoon showing us possible plots of land.  Margaret mentioned the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall and the steps he took of praying, asking and then implementing.  If the Lord wants us to build this place we want it to honor His standards and be a shining light on the hill of what the Lord can do.
As we inquire of the Lord about each step, we talked to other leaders in the UCU administration.  One morning we had breakfast with the current Vice Chancellor Rev. Canon John Senyonyi.  During our discussion he shared his vision that our faith would become a part of every aspect of the faculty and student life on campus.  He was actually doing training with the faculty pertaining to it and we offered the Restored e-books to him which he said were endorsed by a former lecturer of his in seminary.

Following the discussion with VC Senyonyi we met for lunch with Rebecca Nyegenye the UCU Chaplain we have known for many years.  She shared the need for a place to meet with students and staff in private to disciple and counsel.  Often people gather on the UCU lawn; which doesn’t provide a private venue for conversations.  Also Rebecca mentioned a need for a meeting place for retired female clergy who like to gather to encourage one another from the Kampala area.  She said there are about 20 of these ladies who are single and don’t feel they have a fellowship place to meet.
These comments acted as a reinforcement of the vision for the Kingdom View and Director of Student Affairs, Rev. Milton Tweheyo and his wife Anne added their encouragement as well.  Milton stated a need for the students to have one on one mentoring in the practical application of what they are learning both academically and spiritually.  Anne mentioned the importance of exposure to things in the real world and developing a love for reading which could be fostered in the fellowships.

God is laying a foundation as we pray and meet with people and we look back on the formation of the Uganda organization The Rock Kingdom LTD a year ago.  The Rock Outreach board voted to form the corporation limited by guarantee which is like an NGO.  The organization would provide legal rights to purchase and own property in Uganda without any directors or shareholders benefiting from the organization.  The organization if it liquidated its assets in Uganda would be required by law to sell to or give the assets for the benefit of another ministry.  During the April trip the board of The Rock Outreach, Inc. U.S. voted to add two members to the board of directors of The Rock Kingdom LTD.  One new member is John Ggayi a Ugandan business man known by the board members since 2005 to be a man of outstanding integrity and Earl Fain an American business man also known by the Rock Board members for many years.  Earl contacted the Noblins about going to Uganda after feeling the Lord was urging him to get more involved in The Rock.  He felt the Lord wanted to use him to share the vision and get more people involved in discipleship to the young people and ministries we serve in Uganda.
John Ggayi was tasked by the board to represent The Rock Kingdom LTD to find land near the university to purchase for the Kingdom View gathering place. 

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