Living Life Together Discipleship and Mentoring

Today I took a couple of students with me to review the progress at the construction site. We discussed staying on budget, adapting to change and staying on plan with excellence. Living life together and having conversations about all the decisions we make is fun. A problem came up with the roof and the architect and roofer had to be flexible so it would be round. The architect designed it and the roofer needed more direction and guidance but the result was good and we are moving ahead. Any kind of construction, anywhere in the world requires patience, clear communication, excellent drawings and a willingness to be flexible. After all this is God's project not ours but we want to honor Him in all aspects. I loved having Andrew and Tricia come along today and value their input. Both of them are students at Uganda Christian University majoring in Social Work and Social Administration. Learning about good stewardship and different ways of doing construction is particularly interesting to Andrew who helps manage some apartments his grandmother owns. The water tower is now secure and we don't have to be concerned about water pressure.  Next week the contractor hopes to have the roof complete then comes the tile work, painting, fixtures and finally the staircase and cabinets.

Tricia and Andrew Visiting the Site
Water tower...lots of good water pressure.

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